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Animal Welfare Charities

Wellpets -Yeovil

37 Grass Royal, Yeovil BA21 4JW, UK – 01935 410414

My family have had pets going to this practice for many years and have always been the best, I now have my own pets and take them to this practice also. The Vet is a lovely man and explains treatment well and clearly. When I recently took my cat in with a bad tail he helped explain what had happened to him and made me feel a lot calmer and less worried then I did before taking him in. It is a lovely clean environment I would definitely recommend this Vets to anybody.

Wellpets Yeovil have always given exemplary care to my two cats, for both routine and emergency issues. I have registered my 3 year old and 4 year old cats there since they were kittens and I have always been impressed by the ease of getting an appointment when required. The vets are open and honest about what care is required/advised and what costs are involved. The vetinary nurses are much the same, and also very good at dealing with emotional pet owners! More importantly, vetinary staff are extremely gentle and caring towards my cats during examinations. Staff working on reception are brilliant at giving advice when required over the phone, they also always seem to be able to give me an appointment that fits around my own work schedule. I am signed up to the pet plan for both, this further simplfys matters when needing routine annual check ups including booster vaccinations- no cost on the day! I highly recommend wellpets to anyone looking to register their pet and I am extremely appreciative of the service they provide.


73 Middle St, Yeovil BA20 1LN, UK – 01935 433060

Very good as a 3,2,1 shop. Lovely staff and always fund raising


The Peel Centre, Babylon Hill, Yeovil BA21 5BT, UK – 01935 475314

We changed vets from Abbey Manor approximately 2 years ago. We used to receive excellent service but the costs kept rising so we changed to Vets4Pets. We still get excellent service, especially from the reception team, and the costs are definitely cheaper especially with the 'Vaccinations for life' deal. People comment that you get "ripped off sooner or later, that's how they make their money" But we are yet to experience this. We expect first class service and that's what we get.

The Ryanair of vets, Cheap for basic and standard procedures, but will add on quickly, and try and sell overpriced add ons which can be obtained more cheaply near by. Question everything and research. if not an emergency take the name of the item and look online, or even next door in boots! However it has convenient opening hours and the staff are always friendly and helpful

Charities & Voluntary Organisations

The South Somerset Association For Voluntary & Communtiy Action Ltd

14 Memorial Rd, Yeovil BA22 8YE, UK – 01935 475914

One of the largest charities in South Somerset delivering much needed advice, resources and services to organisations and people in need.


25 The Park, Yeovil BA20 1DG, UK – 01935 476455

They are very helpful when feeling low

British Red Cross

71 Middle St, Yeovil BA20 1LN, UK – 01935 433588

I'm the Sunday Lady there!

Charity Shops

Barnardo's Cavalier Way

4 Cavalier Way, Yeovil BA21 5UB, UK – 01935 410151

Really good items at very reasonable prices

British Heart Foundation Furniture & Electrical

47 Middle St, Yeovil BA20 1LG, UK – 01935 574950

Very helpful staff thanks had the item I wanted. And it's a good cause.

Friendly staff

Break Charity Shop

4 The Forum, Yeovil BA21 3TL, UK – 01935 472224

A wide array of goods and friendly and conscientious staff. :)